Squeamish America

DISCLAIMER: This post is most definitely Adult in nature. You've been warned.

From Buzzfeed today:
Full Frontals

I love how much attention male full-frontal nudity gets in this country. Americans are so squeamish about sex...especially the male member being displayed on the big screen. It's perfectly ok for women to do full-frontal work, but men...uh uh. Sorry, guys...no matter how comfortable you are with your bodies, America doesn't want to see your Naughty Bits.

As most of you know, my Scottish Fling, Ewan McGregor, has had no problem doing full nudity in his movies: Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, The Pillow Book, and most notably in Young Adam. Of course, Young Adam also included some very steamy and boundary-pushing sex scenes that earned the movie and NC-17 rating in the States and an edited version of the movie being released to DVD here as well. (Side note: only *1* scene was cut from the DVD release. Evidently, we can see a woman completely naked, but we can't see her being pleasured by a man in certain ways. It does amuse me that the custard scene was not cut - just goes to demonstrate how little the people who make those kinds of decisions know about sex.)

Back to the point of this post:

America - get over yourself. Stop being so uptight about sex and nudity. As long as a TV show or movie has an appropriate rating on it so parents know not to let the kiddos watch it, then who cares what naughty bits are shown? I say equal opportunity nudity for all!


Jason said...

Well I am definitely more a fan of the female nudity, but I totally agree that the whole rating thing is stupid.
And the documentary "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" sheds a lot of light on the subject... a documentary that I completely loved.

Sarafina said...

I have that in my Netflix queue...I've been looking forward to seeing it.