4 Foods Friday

Four Foods Friday - 5th week already! :)

#1. What type of m&m is your favorite?
#2. Peanut butter. Smooth, chunky, creamy. How do you like it?
#3. Do you usually drink out of glass, acrylic, Tupperware type or paper cups?
Glass usually...or my gigantic mug from Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, MO.
#4. Share a chicken recipe.
Chicken-Stuffed Crescents

This is from a recipe I quickly glanced at and then used my own ingredients.

1 T garlic, chopped
2 T onion, chopped
1 5oz can of chunk white chicken, broken apart
1 6oz jar of marinated artichoke hearts, chopped
1 T capers
1 T mayo
4 oz log of goat cheese (your favorite flavor, I used Mediterranean)
1 can of 8 crescent rolls

Sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until soft. Mix with next 5 ingredients. Open can of crescent rolls and lay out on a cutting board or other surface. Divide filling evenly between each roll, being careful not to put too much so that it leaks out in the oven. Bake rolls according to directions on can. Enjoy!


Karen said...

Oh wow. That recipe sounds yummy. I never thought about my drinking cups til now but I do have my favorites.

corrin said...

you're my kind of cool...that sounds yummy.

Blair said...

I love those cresents, they are so versatile!

Sarafina said...

Glad you guys like the recipe. :)

Yep...about to go grab my Lambert's mug right now as a matter of fact! :)