Do I physically *look* 30 all of a sudden?  All of the teens that work at the grocery store call me "ma'am" and NEVER card me anymore! :P 
Seriously.  It's disturbing!  It wasn't *that* long ago that I was their age! 
Just because Ace of Base was rampant on the radio when I was in high school doesn't mean I am ancient, does it? 
Or just because Erin was my only friend that had any kind of internet access at all...and that was BBS systems and local dial-in to Austin! 


candybutton said...

The time to worry is when the 30 years old start calling you ma'am. :)

Jason said...

Well, I work with people from 22 to in their 60s, so the whole age thing comes up all the time... especially since some of the teachers had some of the other teachers when THEY were in high school. It gets worse.

Sarafina said...

What do you *mean* it gets worse? ACK! :p

Jason said...

Just wait til you get to hear "Oh, you went to school with my Grandma!"