Follow-Ups from previous posts

from 10.19:
On a related note...anyone want my Marie Claire magazines? I originally ordered Shop, Etc. but that magazine folded and now I am stuck with MC through June. I don't really like MC and have enough magazines to keep up with. I feel bad that they keep going straight into the recycle bin.
Is there anyone that wants them?  I'll even be glad to mail them!
from 10.22:
Here are the pictures from the birthday weekend.  There aren't as many as I had hoped.  I wanted more pictures from going out to Graham's, but it was just way too dark.
from 10.23:
Comment with your answer to the following:
What's the one song on your mp3 player that is your guilty pleasure?
I only had one response...I'd love to hear some more. :)


valmg said...

What, only one?
I think I love you, by the Partridge Family.

Sarafina said...

hehehe...Nice! I think I need to add that to my collection. :)