Birthday Weekend

Wednesday: Celebration began.  Juli's package arrived!  I finally had to put the card away...D was tired of hearing the SW theme everytime I passed the card on the window b/w the kitchen and dining room. :)
Friday: The girls at work brought me pretty pressies and TrĂ©s Leches cake.  Karen gave me a *beautiful* fall floral arrangement that she put together herself.  Left at noon and enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home.  D took me to see TNMBC in 3D after he got home.  It was awesome!  I didn't expect a whole lot from it, but it rocked.  I'll never want to watch it in 2D again. :P
Saturday: D snuck out early in the morning and bought me a mushy card and roses.  I slept in and relaxed until about 11.  Then we went into Round Rock and D bought me new boots, matching belt, and new western top.  I love them. :)  We also stopped at a nursery in Leander and both 2 trees for the back yard.  After we got home we watched some TV and rested up for the partying at Grahams.  Mom and Dad, D's Mom, and Jeff came over around 5 and we went to Jardin del Rey for dinner.  After a *very* strong top shelf margarita (thanks, Daddy!), we came home and changed for the club.  Thanks to everyone that came out...it was a BLAST!  I am still tired and sore from all of the dancing and general merry-making, but it's well worth it. :) 
Some shoutouts:
-Thanks to Karen for reserving the tables and dedicating Hollaback Girl to me and for making the night super special.
-Thanks to James for trying to further corrupt me and keep me in trouble.
-Jeff: I hope your first "honky-tonk" experience was a good one and that you'll go again next time.
-Mary, David, Shirley: What troopers for hanging out with us crazy people!
-Linde, Tom, Martha, rest of the work gang: I am so glad you guys all came to the party.   Tom...thanks for the dance.
-Hot Mama Sherry: Next time, don't be late spending all of that time teasing your hair! :)
-Dusty: Thanks for all the dances, Baby, and more importantly...for never letting my glass be empty!
-Lastly, to the group on the far side of the dance floor that encouraged my dancing to Staying Alive early in the evening...bless your hearts!

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