I love traffic...

Note: There might be strong language in the following post.

To the asshat in the Lexus that felt the need to "race" me home today (i.e.- pass me about 15 times and zoom past me at the light at Crystal Falls and 183A), you're a complete idiot. The first sign: your "LEETHL" custom plate. The only thing that would make it worse would be if your name were Lee and you were trying to be cute with a play on words. I saw you through your super cool super dark tinted window...you had a wedding band on, buddy. You're not a bachelor anymore, so quit trying to act like a bad ass. Does your wife, partner, or significant other REALLY approve of the license plate?

And does anyone know...aren't license plates required both on the front and back of your car? I've looked online at TxDot's site and at the Transportation Code and can't find anything.

One last note: My Chevy could RUN OVER your stupid little Lexus. You may be able to get from 0-60 a bit faster than me, but that's not what counts, sweetheart. You'd best stay out of this redhead's way next time.

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