Wednesday Morning Update

- Thank goodness the week is going by quickly.
- Work is so busy that it's ridonculous. (Juls...did I spell that right?)
- Someone here at work has their radio *way* too loud.
- JB & Sandy are cracking me up this morning. (www.mix947.com for the radio webcast)
- D and I watched the first disc of Sex & The City Season 3 last night. I love that show!
- We also ordered in Chinese food...the Orange Beef rocked!
- As you can guess from previous item, I am not following WW very well this week. :P
- No offense to my gals that live up north, but I was watching the news last night and they were talking about the heat wave in D.C., NY, etc, and this woman they interviewed was complaining that it was so hot that she had sweat dripping down her back. I was like...come oooooooooooon. I know you're not used to it, but it's not the end of the world if you break a sweat. :P
- Lastly: Why is it so hard to find the sofa I want? D and I have looked a loooot of sofas and have yet to find what we want. Well, ok, we found a fully customizable one at Bassett furniture, but it was $2300. :P At least I have a picture now of what I want to take into other stores where I can actually afford a sofa.

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