A Letter

To the two people who felt the need to park in a fire lane and block five other cars in at work today:

Shame on you for parking in a fire lane. Heaven forbid there be a real fire and the fire trucks not be able to get to the building all because you were too lazy to park in the parking garage and walk back to your own building.

Did it not even occur to you that you might *possibly* block the rest of us in? What made you think my extended-cab Chevy could ever get out with your car there? When your part of the parking lot was torn up for reconstruction, we weren't rude to you when you had to park in our parking lot.

Lastly, to all inconsiderate people: You are not the only ones on the planet. Be polite and think before you do something. Step out of your bubble and realize there are other people around you.

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Sarafina said...

Update: Said people are STILL parking in the fire lane and no one has yet done anything about it. :P