Ten Things

I was reading Autumn's blog this weekend (she's from the morning show I listen to), and her best friend, Bree, had posted in Autumn's journal about little known facts/things that remind her of Autumn.  It got me thinking about my best friend and what reminds me of her.  I hope she doesn't mind the attention, but I guess I am just missing her a lot these days, so I am going to be sentimental.
Ten Things That Remind Me of Erwina
- Horses.  She loves them more than anybody I know.  I also think of the Breyer horses she collected.
- Guys and Dolls.  It reminds me of the movie poster she had on the back of her door at Mom and Dad's house.
- "Amanda" by Boston.  The song's an inside joke with us...that's all you need to know.
- The Price is Right.  Why those people never listened to us about what the prices of those items were still frustrates me.  We probably won about 20 cars between the two of us. 
- The Last Unicorn/Labyrinth/Dark Crystal.  She's the only other person that still adores all 3 as much as I do.  (And probably the only other one that even saw Last Unicorn)
- Phantom of the Opera.  *swishy cape!*
- "Hypnotize the Moon" by Clay Walker.  Don't throw anything at me, E...the association's permanent. :P
- Beethoven music.  I remember falling asleep to your Beethoven cd when I stayed over.  I also remember learning how to tiptoe past you to turn it down after you went to sleep. :)
- Sonic.  "Dad...can we PLEASE take Simba???"
- Friends.  No one else can quote every episode line for line with me, and no one else would sit for hours on end with me to watch an entire season in one sitting. :)

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