What? Another unecessary remake???

Come on, guys! Enough with the horror movie remakes!!! Granted, I actually liked the remake of "Amityville Horror", but remaking Halloween??? I know Rob Zombie is a good horror movie director, but why would a fan of horror movies like him want to remake a classic? It looks like he also wrote the screenplay for the new version and isn't using the original.

Just off the top of my head, I can name the following that have been remade in the past few years:

Amityville Horror
Black Christmas
The Omen
The Hitcher
The Hills Have Eyes
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
House of Wax

And that's without even looking at imdb! I mean, come on guys. I know remakes are nothing new, but leave well enough alone!

It's not just horror movies, either. Hairspray is being re-made this year, too. How on earth do they think they can recapture the delightful campiness (sp?) and kitsch of that movie? John Waters is not even involved this time! *boggles*

So, the point of this long rant is to come to this: If you go and see these remakes, please, please, PLEASE take the time to rent the originals to see what you're missing. I would hate to think the teenagers of the world only think of Paris Hilton when they see "House of Wax" and not Vincent Price.

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