To the USPS...

It appears that for the second time this month, my dvd envelope from SilverScreenArchive (a company similar to Netflix) has been damaged during handling through USPS, and my dvd is no longer in the envelope. I spoke with my local post office and they are aware it's a problem. She told me that they personally pull all of those to hand-process them, but not all places do.

This is becoming a very frustrating situation. I will now have to send these empty, damaged envelopes to SilverScreenArchive to prove I am not receiving the dvds so they do not think I am just keeping them for my personal collection. I also, of course, now have to wait for the missing movie to be re-sent.

If it is known to be a problem, I ask that something be done to correct the problem. I am sure I am not the only one that has encountered this problem and has had to contact Netflix (or similar companies) in order to keep their accounts from being closed.

Meagan Warncke

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