Less than 24 hours to go...

To do:
-charge iPod
-charge camera battery
-pick up last minute items at the store first thing in the morning
-pick up my jeans from the dry cleaners
-go to outlet mall with Mom in hopes of finding some cute new sweaters to wear (and try to resist the Ikea next door :P)
-spend quality time with D and kitties night

I really didn't find much in the way of clothing like I wanted to find. It was just one of those days where NOTHING I tried on looked right to me. I found a couple of sweaters that I can layer and they will be fine, but I'll know that I don't like them all that much. :p Luckily, it will be a bit warmer than we thought it would be, but still much cooler than the 70s-80s we've had here. *puts flip flops away for weekend*

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