Creeped Out - Continued

Mom was right...people are purposely voting for Sanjaya:


The letter I am currently sitting on deciding whether or not to send to the site:

First, congratulations on being the bigger people and posting the least coherent and grammatically correct letters that have been sent to you. I only saw 2 or 3 letters that were actually readable.

It is difficult enough to see talented people get voted off of American Idol before they should be, but for people to be out there purposely voting for the least talented contestant is not excusable. If you do not care about the show, then change the channel and watch something else. Some of us enjoy the program and would like to see the most talented person win. Don't take that opportunity away from the contestants that really deserve it.



Jason said...

Sanjaya makes little girls cry... and not in a good way.

Sarafina said...

I know! I loved that Simon said her face said it all *g*

I am beyond frustrated at this point. Stephanie did not deserve to go home yet.

candybutton said...

Think about this...

Of all the incarnations of 'American Idol' around the world, we're the only country that is voting for the worst singer and trying to sabotage the show.

Americans....gott a luv 'em!

Sarafina said...

I just wish I had all the free time the guy that runs this site must have! I wish my sole purpose in life were to sabatoge a reality show!