To Do:

Our new computer's arriving tomorrow, so tonight I have to:

-Disconnect the periphials (monitor, printer, etc) and make way for the new CPU
-Locate the discs for the software I have to load onto the new machine
-Generally clean the office, esp. where the old stuff has been sitting for a while

I have already made what I hope is a complete list of all software to be loaded from discs and dloaded from the internet for the machine. I have also sent an email to Jeff asking for his help to get the data from the old harddrive to the new one (and for a non-German version of FTP - no offense, Jas, but I am tired of clicking "Ja" instead of "Ok". :)).

I was looking on Wikipedia at some of the screenshots of Vista, and I amused by how much it looks like the Mac OS X GUI. It makes me happy, because I like that interface much more. As far as the other features, we'll just have to see. I am a little leery of having such a new OS, but that was the only option. I talked to a rep. from Dell and we couldn't even pay extra to get XP, so...hopefully all will go smoothly with Vista.

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Jason said...

There is nothing wrong with choosing Ja oder Nein!!!