Post-Christmas Post

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This will be short and sweet for now...

Christmas Pictures

Back to work yesterday. I actually like working the week after Christmas because it's usually very quiet and I can get a lot done. I am still sick (it's been a week now), but I am back to about 90% today. I guess it's been another viral sinus infection like I had last month. I am beginning to think they are coinciding with my allergy shots. I think they need to lower my dose again and I think I need to go every two weeks instead of once a month. *sigh*

Christmas was nice this year. Very laid back. Mom & Michael stayed with us Christmas Eve, and we all went to my parents for Christmas Day. We got some really nice gifts, and everyone seemed to like what we got for them. The kitties both got lots of new toys, so they decided to donate some of their old ones to the Humane Society down the street. They were very grateful to get some new toys for the kitties there. :)

Ok...I'm off to do some work now. Hope you guys are all doing well!


Corrin said...

You aren't in a single one of those pictures, girlie!

Sarafina said...

Whoops! Hee! Dad took pics, too...I'll have to see if he got one with me in it! :)