weekend in review + ebay for kitties

Thursday-Saturday: Floor installation. Too much to go into. See previous post for piccies. :)

Saturday afternoon: The crew finally finished D's closet, and the final cleanup/moving of furniture was completed. Barely had time to shower and get ready for dinner. Thanks to Mom&Dad, Ari&Jeff, Cary&J, and Dustin for a wonderful birthday dinner at Melting Pot Saturday. I had a great time. :)

Sunday: Laundry and lots of movie-watching and laying around. We were both totally wiped out from the previous week. Also made pumpkin cake and alfredo (with mushrooms and bacon) for dinner.

At some point during the night Saturday, Padmé lost her collar and tags once again, so that prompted me to head to the ebay seller where I get their collars:

bidding on this for Paddy, bidding on this for Minnie, bought this for Paddy, and bought this for Minnie

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