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Why I haven't been posting (for those interested):

Dustin's grandmother took very ill and passed away at the beginning of the month. We had to make several trips to New Braunfels, of course, and that left no time for online diversions.

Work has been INSANELY busy. I have not even had time during lunch to post or read personal emails. After getting home I was too exhausted to even turn on the computer.

Things going on with our house: We have been trying to schedule our new floor being put in, running deposits to the flooring place, etc (it is definately Oct. 12 & 13th now, though :)). We also have a continuing issue with some of the plumbing in our house. I'll spare you the details, let's just say it ain't pretty. We had to move in new furniture to the front bedrooms that D's mom passed down from Oma. Also had to replace the windshield wiper control on my truck. That was minor, but on top of everything else, it was overwhelming.

As if that were not enough, I have had HORRIBLE allergies for the past 2+ weeks. The worst I have had since starting my allergy shots. Like, I can't function at night when I get home and I had to take off a day and a half of work bad. I seem to be better today, so maybe the change in weather has removed some of the offenders. :p (yay almost-fall weather, btw!)

A few notes on everyone else's journals:

Cary - Thanks for your inspiring words about Ann Richards. Also glad you made it back from your trip safely.

Erwina - Woman...you had a LOT of posts for me to catch up on! :) The horsies look faboo, though, and I can't wait to see you guys in November. You and A-man should stay over the night D and K go hunting. :) We have plenty of room for you guys now.

Ari - I am so sorry you are still not feeling well, chica. Hope you are better for Thursday night, though. Heck...I hope I am! :)

Corrin - Super big huge congrats on your weightloss. :)

Final notes:

Juls - So glad you made it back from Ireland. I go crazy when you aren't here for me to chat with at work. *smooch*

Ken - If you are stopping by to read this...I am glad we are back in touch. *hugs*

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