early Christmas shopping!

mood: sleepy
listening to: the hum of the computer

I love my early work schedule, but loathe it when my body being set so early keeps me from sleeping in on the weekend. I also couldn't turn my mind off...I kept thinking about the reunion booklet entry I had to get in to our class reunion committee by today. So, I've been up writing that, chatting with m0ri-san, setting the table for dinner tonight, and putting away dishes from the dishwasher.

While checking my gmail, I did receive an email that Cavender's is having a big sale through the 10th. Yippee! I have been wanting to order from there, and I can get one of Dad's Christmas pressies knocked out, too. :) I already found something for Mom a couple of months ago and stashed it away. I also have something picked out for D's mom...just need to order it after payday.

Now...for some shoutouts:

Corrin - have a good time this weekend and give Ollie pets from Auntie Smegs :)
Traci - welcome to the blog! feel free to comment on anything, Lady!
Ken - your bday card will be in the mail before the weekend is over.
Ari - looking forward to gourging on your world-famous spinach artichoke dip tonite!
m0ri-san - thank you for keeping me entertained so early on a Sat. morning ;)

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