Thanks for the good times Saturday night, gang. D and I had a blast with you guys.

E & K: So glad you guys were down. Can't believe we have to wait til November to see you again :( *smooches*

A & J: As always, our "go-to" partiers. You guys rule.

M: Glad to have initiated you into the group. Wish you hadn't scooted off so early Sunday or you would have woken me up! I wanted to make you breccie, woman! :)

D: Thanks for helping me get stuff together and clean up after. You are the best, Sweetness.


Ari said...

OMG. Don't think it could have gotten any more crazy or fun. :) LOVE partying with you guys, it's always the perfect atmosphere, and GAWD don't get me started on your food.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to run off so early, I had a morning appointment. I didn't want to wake you up, I try to never wake people up, sleep is valuable and important. I would have felt guilty if I didn't sneak out as quietly as I possibly could. I had a ton of fun, though. I definitly need more of the both of you.