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Mom had called me a while back telling me that she heard on tv that they were finally releasing the theatrical versions of the Star Wars OT on dvd. I looked online, couldn't find much of anything. Well, today I got my answer. They are releasing it...on dvds with the stupid "special editions". It will be a limited release coming out in September and only being available until the end of the year. So...in order to get the original versions, you have to pay for a dvd with the other version you already have. WTF, Mr. Lucas? You swore up and down that you weren't going to release the OT because that "was not how you intended thos movies to be". Is this just to screw with us? Like..."ok, you can have your little OT as you saw it as children in the theatre (even though I strongly oppose it), but you have to also have my stupid new versions with it"??? This is SUCH a marketing ploy and it pisses me the hell off. Why can't you just do something nice for the fans THAT MADE YOU RICH BUYING YOUR DAMN MERCHANDISE ALL THESE YEARS and release the OT by itself? We already own your precious special edition, George. We bought them (even though we aren't terribly happy with some of the changes) because we thought that would be our only choice. We desperately clung to our VHS copies of the OT we got in '96 and only watched them on special occasions so as not to wear out what we thought we be the only copies of them we would ever own. Now, NOW, 10 years later, you offer them on dvd, but only as a package deal with the S.E. Why you insist on forcing the S.E.down our throats is beyond me, man...it really is.

Image from starwarsshop.com where they are graciously offering all 3 dvds in a package for $59.99 and giving you some Topps cards, too. woo.


laurie_pooh said...

You give 'em HELL woman!

Hmm... a few issues back in EW they had a story about this. I asked David if he wanted them, since you know we just got that other group of DVDs in September 04. He said no, and that he still has his VHS versions. I didn't know whether to question his fandom, or be thankful we would be saving $69.99 (the price listed in EW). Hopefully a lot of fans will feel the same and not buy them all over again.

Ari said...

I say you send that on to someone at LucasArts

Sarafina said...

I am with Dave, Laurie. I really don't think I will buy them either. Dustin and I were talking about it this weekend and he says he doesn't believe me, but I am sticking to it. I mean...for continuous watch, I will watch the S.E. since it is on dvd. I will only watch the O.T. on special occasions so I don't wear out the tapes. I just don't get how Lucas can be such a jerk...I really don't. :p