so worn down

mood: depressed
listening to: Jas mix cd - power ballads

i am so beaten down from work and surrounding drama today. i have had some mild anxiety-related things going on, so i am trying to lay low so they pass. i was planning on going with my friends on break this afternoon and walk, but they left without letting me know they were going. i don't want to sound like a brat about it, but it kind of upset me. i am sure it wasn't intentional, but it's happened before. it's just the last thing i needed today. dustin is being a dear, though, and skipping his private lessons tonight to come home and be with me. i need to post a pic of the beautiful roses he got me for our anniversary on wednesday, too. :)

sorry this post was a downer and rambled on...thanks for sticking with me.


Anonymous said...

Could perhaps be the greatest CD ever made.
- Jason

Sarafina said...

indeed! it just might be :-D