Bath & Body Works: Take It/Leave It

I have been wanting to do these little product reviews for a while. I plan on picking one company/store/etc and pick one product I like, and one I dislike.

Take It:

C.O. Bigelow Soothing Lip Buffer - This works GREAT for my chapped lips. It gently exfoliates and gets rid of those nasty little flakes on my lips that drive me insane. Catch it right now...it's on sale for $5!

Leave It:

Breathe Daily Vitamin Body Lotion: Energy-Ginger Verbena - I had a coupon to get a Breathe item for free (up to a $12.50 value) if I spent $10. No problem. I smelled all four scents and picked the Ginger Verbena. It smelled bright and mild in the store when I tested it on my hands. However, I went to use it this morning all over, and BAM! It just about knocked me on the floor. It was WAY too strong. I thought it might lessen after I got to work, but it was still overpowering. I like both ginger and verbena, but this was not for me. The lotion itself worked ok, but I couldn't get past the strong scent.

1 comment:

laurie_pooh said...

You should take it back and maybe try a different scent? I know they are really good about exchanging things even if you don't like it. :)