Things Learned on New Year's Eve

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Things Learned on New Year's Eve:

(to be added to later on today...)

-When in doubt, it's Close Encounters of the Third Kind
-Unusual straws make any party better
-It's impossible to hit the middle circle of Trivial Pursuit at 2 in the morning
-None of us are prepared to watch Ryan Seacrest host the New Year's Rockin' Eve party for the next 30 years
-Erin *never* gets Disney questions


laurie_pooh said...

Ryan Seacrest is going to help me convince David that "everyone needs to spend New Years Eve at Times Square in NY City at least one time in their life." But yes, we both agreed that he is a douche. How sad was poor Dick Clark? I was NOT prepared for that!

Sarafina said...

LOL. Yeah...we heard him say that.

I know...it broke my heart to see Dick Clark looking like that :(

Erin said...

BWAHAHAHAAA!!! oh man, that's some funny stuff right there!!!

neverEVER do i get the Disney questions...which just means one thing...

i shall have to buy the Disney editions for both Scene It AND Trivial Pursuit

that is all ;)

(we still have some straws left too, i think...gotta love Spencer's sales *G*)