darn you, Erin...I just lost 10 minutes of my life! :)

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No, seriously...this was the best, Erwina. You rock my world with the juicy tidbits you find for me to nosh on.

"BABY LUKE: Don't leave me, Obi-Wan, don't leave me and become Alec Guinness! Surely all the glory that was the Republic and all the fineness that was Ewan McGregor cannot be lost to us!
OBI-WAN: I did mention this was an epic tragedy, didn't I?"

Wanna read more? Click here.


So...Mom and I went out today and I finished most of my Christmas shopping. I have a few more things I am about to go snag from amazon, but other than that, I am all done! yayness! now, time to wrap gifts, mail gifts to out-of-town folks, do the outdoor lights, and plan Christmas lunch. So...umm...yeah. Still a lot to do, but the gifties will be ready.

And, finally today, I conclude with three pics of our Christmas decorations. :)

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