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First...a new entry at Sarafina's Kitchen.

Second...thanks for the new lj icon, Erwina ;)

Third...pffffft to the state for not depositing my paycheck until this morning. I had serious shopping to do on Saturday and was unable to do so. Bite me. >:(

Finally got to spend time with Mom on Saturday. I missed doing stuff with her while she and Dad were in Spain. We did a little shopping (not much...see above note), then we went to see Serenity in Pflugerville. I was mainly going for her, she's a huge fan of the tv show Firefly. Even though I hadn't seen Firefly, the movie was easy to follow and was really good. I would recommend it to anyone, even if you have never seen the tv show. Nathan Fillion was hotter than ever, too, which never hurts. :)

I then went to Cavenders on my way home to try and find some new cowgirl jeans to wear to Graham's that nite, but for the first time ever I was unable to get any assistance from their staff. They were all too busy fawning over some 18-year-old-size-0 girl. I decided I would just scrounge at home for something to wear. I met Karen, Shannon & Gloria at about 9:15 and stayed til around 11:30. It was ok, and of course it was fun hanging with Karen and Gloria, but I wasn't terribly impressed with Graham's. I would much rather drive out to Midnight Rodeo.

Sunday Dustin and I just laid around. I did do some laundry, but that was it. He had been out hog hunting Sat nite while I was out with the girls, and we neither one got to bed til about 1:45am. We did watch The Notebook, and it was good, but it kinda dragged at the end...I would have shaved about 10 minutes off of it. :P Oh, and to Fox...shame on you for already showing reruns of Simpsons and Family Guy...both of which I have seen more than 2 times now :p


Ari said...

I LOVE your new icon.

Sounds like you had a great weekend, and I'm glad! Missed you, doll!

Sarafina said...

mwha...it's the sexeh Ewan-age :)

missed you, too! *smooch*

laurie_pooh said...

mwhahaha at the Ewan icon. Greatness.

I *heart* Serenity. :) Nathan Fillion is the hotness. Being a big Joss fan, I felt like a loser for having not kept up with Firefly. Before we saw the movie we went over to a friend's house and watched several of the episodes in his home theater. The show is better than the movie in my opinion. The DVD set has been on my mental "wish list" for awhile and I added it to Amazon before the movie came out. You should Netflix it... it's SOOOO good.

Sarafina said...

I loved Nathan on Two Guys and A Girl. meeeoww. I need to borrow Firefly from Mom...she has it. :)