life update

mood: peachy
listening to: Bridget play the same crap over and over on Mix :P

-Days Til My Birthday: 8
-Days Til My Birthday Party: 10
-Days Til Christmas: 73

I include Christmas because Dustin and I are having our family Christmas in our home this year, so that means I have 73 days to get everything ready. First mission...fing new Christmas tree. The 4' one I have now won't get it. :P It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. ;) I am looking at getting about a 7.5' tree, prelit. I looked at Hobby Lobby last weekend, but they wanted WAY too much. I am going to Garden Ridge this weekend in hopes that they have a better selection. I already have my Christmas cookbooks and craft books out looking for inspiration. I know I want to make a new wreath for the front door, although I love the one I currently have. I made it a few years ago for my first apartment. I also need to buy stuff to create the mantle display I want to do. Mom is going to help me which will help a LOT. :)

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