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I know that not all of you are Ewan McGregor fans like Laurie and I are, but I received the following email from the board admin of our Ewan messageboard. If any of you have time this weekend or next week to do this, we would greatly appreciate it. Email me with any further questions.


I don't send mass Emails to everyone on the Ewan Sisterhood Board
often but I think this is a worthwhile cause.

It has been confirmed that there will be no cast recording from Guys
and Dolls; the recording label has pulled its financial backing. One
Sister spoke with the Guys and Dolls orchestra conductor who told her
about it on Monday.

Numerous Sisters travelled from all over the world to see this play --
some more than once! It would be so wonderful to have a lasting memory
of the brilliant cast and the songs they sang. Many more were unable
to make the journey and a cast recording would be their only way to
share the remarkable Guys and Dolls experience.

We are going to try to sway the powers that be in our favor. We would
like every Ewan fan -- and that includes you! -- to write to the
theater between October 23 and 29 to let them know how much you want
to be able to buy a cast recording. And while we're at it, let's
really grab their attention: include a pair of dice with your letter.
The play revolves around the love lives of craps players, and the game
of craps is played with a pair of dice.

Here is the address to the Piccadilly Theater:

Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street,

Thank you! :-)

Ewan Sisterhood Board Admin

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