why do ppl have to be jerks?

mood: pissed off

To the asshat that tailgated me from the Parmer/Lamar turn all the way to the agency this morning...screw you. I am sorry you are a middle-aged man with what must be a complex over the size of his manhood. I am sorry that I obeyed the traffic laws this morning. I am sorry I let people over into the left lane of the access road before their lane ended. I am not sorry, however, that I flipped you off as you finally went around me and looked back me at over shoulder, giving me a dirty look. Thanks a lot for putting me in a bad mood, f***wit.


laurie_pooh said...

on the bright side, at least he didn't rear end you :)

Sarafina said...

you're right...it wasn't for not trying, i assure you, though :P :)