Saturday stuff

mood: worn out, but productive
listening to: Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

Why do I have the feeling this weekend will pass all too quickly? I have so much to do. I need to start getting ready for Dad’s birthday party next Sunday. I want to go to Home Depot and get a new hanging plant for the front porch and I need to put out the autumn door mat from garage. I already pulled out a vine from the flower bed along the front walkway yesterday morning. It was totally choking my boxwoods and my miniature rose bush. *shakes fist at it* I also cleaned the birdbath…it was nast. :p I have also been cleaning the house. I did the kitchen floor and vacuumed. I also pulled the last of the purple stuff from our bedroom (since we now have our red comforter set) and moved it up the front bedroom. I also rearranged the linen closet and made room for table cloths in it. I may also go grocery shopping this weekend for the meal so if I end up forgetting something, I will have a week to go back and pick it up.

As much work as it will be, I am very excited to be doing this for Dad. I told him and Mom that I would start doing birthday meals for them. Mom’s bday always gets overlooked because it is close to Memorial Day, which is our family reunion weekend every other year. And since the only other family meal I get is New Year’s Day, this will give me two more times a year to entertain. I love to entertain…I just don’t have the opportunity to do it very often. Of course, we have Ari & Jeff or Erin & Hunter over for dinner, but I don’t get to go all out for those meals. Maybe I should start. *g*


laurie_pooh said...

Good Luck getting everything done, and Happy Birthday to your Little Daddy next week. Dave and I picked a good day to get married, no? :)

Ari said...

I think you should start going all out. :)