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mood: surprisingly upbeat
listening to: Will Smith - Switch

Considering what an absolutely stressful week it has been, I am surprisingly upbeat this morning.

We finally got the computer fixed and running again...all I have to load onto it still is itunes, D's camera software, and the software and driver for the printer. It looks like the only things I lost were some custom paint tubes and filters for PSP, but that's only because I forgot to tell them to pull those off. I am sure I can find most of them again online somewhere.

We had a long talk about money again last night. This month is going to be tighter than ever since I paid off both my credit cards. That means I absolutely cannot go out shopping or go near ebay (esp. since I just won a neopets happy meal toy from last year I have been wanting). The only thing I am going to budget for is a new comforter set I found for our room that I am absolutely in love with. The queen set is only $70, so D said he would help me find a way to budget it and get it this month. I will put it away til we get the rest of the stuff for that room, like curtains and new pictures to hang on the wall that will match. I also have to figure out how to kitty-proof it. :p

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