darn you, Domino & Lucky!!

mood: relaxed and sleepy
listening to: whatever D is watching in the other room

So...I sat down tonite to a leisurely perusal of my new Domino and Lucky magazines. I have taken to window shopping in those rather than spending money I don't have. I came across three new websites that I am in love with:

  • Carrot and Stick Press
  • Flight001.com
  • CB2.com

    Of course, items from all three made it on to my newly updated wish list. I removed the clothing stuff from the list...I am more interested in home stuff right now. I did leave some of the Sephora goodies up there, well, because I am a girlie girl who likes that sort of stuff.

    A few highlights:
  • Red & White Toile Luggage Tag
  • starburst platter
  • Fern Folded Notes

    I am about to go sit down and finish Confessions of a Shopoholic. I don't have much left, and I can't seem to put it down now. I even found myself reading it at stop lights on the way homes this afternoon. I have mastered that careful "balance it on the steering wheel so you can watch traffic" manuever. :)
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