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neopets member since: July 16, 2001 (4 years in a couple of weeks!)
games played and scored: 49 (must increase that for the new avatar)
avatars: 105
- Cornflower_Abby: Elephante
- Frett_Draco: Scorchio
- Iatyh: Aisha
- ZammyII: Grundo
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erin got me sucked back into playing again by offering to help me sell off all the items i had collected for the packrat avatar that are now cluttering my sdb. i put the stuff into the store, and she does all the pricing for me. i love it! i absolutely hate pricing stuff on the shop wiz...i'm too lazy. ^^

as that stuff sells, i opened my gallery (yay for that being a new feature!) and put my illusen and green faerie items back into it. i also made a new list of potential items for the gallery and now have a checklist to track my progress on collecting. i am a bit peeved, though, that one has to pay to expand their gallery like the regular shops. :p that's going to cost as much as some of the items. *rolls eyes*

when i first logged in from home this afternoon, however, i FOUND a decorative negg on the floor...and the cheapest i saw one going for was 14,000np!! i am currently auctioning it in hopes that ppl will fight over it a bit and i will get more than on the shop wiz.

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