mood: blah
listening to: tv in the other room and laurie blinging me on Yahoo :)

I am kinda at loose ends right now. Mom came over for dinner, but left a lot sooner than I thought she would. I figured she would be here longer to keep me company til Erin comes over later for Friends nite. At least I have Lauries to chat with. :)

Work has been totally shitty this week...I am glad I called in sick yesterday to be with Dusty before he left to go to his Dad's in OK. We have a huge deadline coming up at the end of August, and our fearless leaders are just now figuring out we need to be doing something about...even though we peons have been trying to tell them that for weeks on end now. :
Not sure how the rest of the week is going to play out...tonite was the only nite I had definite plans. I really hope Erwina will make it over...I love Friends nites. :) I seriously look forward to them all week long. It would be even more fun tonite since D isn't here to make smart remarks about our little obsesion. *g* btw...Erwina...if you read this before our allotted time....CALL ME!! WOOWOO! :)

Gah...I am totally rambling. I should end this before all of you completely lose interest. Now I need to go try to find a new recipe to post on the other blog. Maybe the quesadillas from last nite...mmmmmm....quesadillas.

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