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So...my rant of the day. The people I work with drive me crazy. There is always drama surrounding everything that goes on in this office. I try my best to stay out of it, hide in my little cube, mind my own business. But this morning something was going on with two people I consider my only real friends in the office, so I sort of got sucked into. Not directly, mind you...they were sure to keep me out of it. They fed me some line of bs about what was going on, and that really pissed me off. I mean...whatever. I probably don't want to know, but I am just tired of all of it. /end rant

So, other than that, today has been ok. We had a nice lunch for our two temp staff members that are leaving (and by leaving I mean fired 4 months before their contract was up), and I had a productive meeting about cleaning up some of the data in our database before it integrates with another one. I feel like I have had to step up and do this on my own, however, because management in our office hasn't been pressing the issue at all...even though the integration is supposed to happen by the end of August. Wow...that was ranting again, sorry! :)

This weekend should be nice. Tomorrow nite we are having dinner with our parents to celebrate Dustin's bday on Sunday. I am not sure what's going on Saturday yet, except that D has a vendors fair to take part in and hopefully drum up some business. Sunday will be either lunch or dinner with Ari & Jeff for D's bday. Sunday is the actual day, too. :) I am thinking dinner so we can all watch Family Guy and American Dad together. It should be lots o' fun! :)

And for some lighthearted Star Wars fun...

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Ari said...

Arr mateys.

I might be getting a mini keg of Woodchuck for the partee. :)