things i am happy about...

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Things I am happy about:
- I am getting my debt paid off. By Christmas time I will not owe any more money to any credit card companies.
- I have lost 16 of the 20 lbs I set out to lose. Dustin and I will be joining a new gym soon where I can lose the rest and tone up.
- Dustin and I have a stronger relationship than we ever have. After a long talk last nite, I feel closer to him than I have in months. We are getting our lives on track and that makes me happier than words can express.
- I am getting to go see Juli and Lee in a little over a month. That will be 2 years since she and I were last together. We must not let it go that long again!
- I have awesome friends. Lately, there are a few that come to mind that have been especially supportive and wonderful. You know who you are...you rock! CALL ME! ;)

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