Leander Park?

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WTF? Why can't people leave well enough alone? This really bothers me...we moved to Leander because it WASN'T Cedar Park. Leander is just starting to grow and become a more self-sufficient community, give us our chance to do so. We are about to get our own HEB, and more will follow. Our public library just had a bond passed so it can expand, and new families are moving in every day. This all sounds like another brainchild of our wonderful mayor. *rolls eyes* Cowman has done nothing buy screw things up since he got into office. I wish he hadn't won the election against Barnett (although there was debate as to whether or not he actually won). Cowman is one of those politicians that you just know is in it only for himself...not the people of Leander. If he sees any political gain from this whatsoever, he'll do it...without giving us a second thought.

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