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w00t! It's the weekend for me already! I am using my last day of leave they gave me for the project I was on tomorrow. I was going to take of Monday, too, since it is a holiday, but they told us we could work, so I might as well get the 8 holiday hours to use somewhere else more important. I will still get a three-day weekend. ;)

I wish I had other big exciting news, but I really don't. I have been working on sarafina1977designs some, though, and I have had fun working on it. I am also actively updating my church's website again. (http://www.livingwater-leander.org). I am hoping all this will actually lead to paying work in the near future. I know I could surely use the extra money. I have also applied to be a secret shopper. It won't pay a lot, but D and I can go out to some free meals and such. I do love to shop...why not get paid a little for it?

I hope all of you are doing well, too. I miss you guys bunches and hope we can all get together soon. I would love to have a party once the weather gets warm again. I have always wanted to do a luau-themed party, so maybe I can do that sometime this spring. Until then, anyone up for another game nite? :)

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