yay for neopets!

Since I was feeling a little better this afternoon, I thought I would spend some time on neopets and start getting items in order to obtain the Packrat avatar:

You have to have 1000 different items in your safety deposit box to get the avy. I did find this link and this link to help me find cheap items to put in there. I lost track of what I spent because part of the money went toward getting ZammyII some Booktastic Books. She has read 24 now, but rejected 5 of them I bought today. *mumbles*

As I was searching the Shop Wizard for the best deal on various rotten fruits (I will pay no more than 3np for those :P), I got a cool random event!

"Wow! The Collectable Card 'Evil Sloth Clone #32' has magically found its way into your NeoDeck!"

Looks like the card is worth 1500-2000np, so that was pretty cool! :)

I think it is time to call it a day, though. Between the shopping and a Snow Faerie Quest (that was totally not worth it, btw), I blew through about 50,000np :P I think I need to spend time earning some of it back now.

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