survey time

taken from shayla taken from wenchie ;)

[First job]: Front End Associate at Eckerd
[First screen name]: Sarafina
[First funeral]: my great-grandmother when I was about 6
[First pet]: Missy, our Heinz 57 mutt (best dog ever)
[First piercing/tattoo]: ears/still waiting for my strawberry
[First credit card]: MasterCard
[First true love]: Jesse
[First enemy]: n/a
[First big trip]: Texas to Florida when I was 8
[First concert]: Garth Brooks
[First room color]: yellow - they never repainted it from when I was a baby
[First crush]: Richard Bartz - 1st through 3rd grades. meow.
[First time drunk]: 20? drinking with my college roommates
[First grade teacher]: Mrs. Larson

[Last car ride]: not driving: with Dustin on Sunday
[Last magazine you read]: Entertainment Weekly
[Last card game played]: blackjack with Dustin
[Last call]: to stupid fellow employee in North Texas
[Last library book checked out]: can't remember, it's been years
[Last beverage drank]: non fat vanilla latte from Starbucks
[Last food consumed]: string cheese
[Last time showered]: 6pm yesterday
[Last CD played]: Best of David Bowie
[Last annoyance]: aforementioned North Texas employee
[Last soda drank]: C2
[Last ice cream eaten]: Skinny Cow Mint Chocolate
[Last shirt worn]: the one I'm wearing now (is this a trick?)

1. How did Kurt Cobain's death affect you: it didn't
2. How many CD's do you own?: prolly at least 200, maybe more?
3. How many CD clubs do you belong to?: none
4. What is the most embarrassing CD in your collection? my LFO single of "Girls of Summer"(ugh, Erin, we shouldn't tell ppl we have this ;))
5. Do you still listen to it?: nope
6. What CD did you buy because you only liked one song but you ended up loving the whole CD?: Norah Jones...had only heard "Don't Know Why"
7. What CD did you buy that was a total waste of money? see #4
8. How old were you when you first started getting into music?: 8 or 9
9. Can you play an instrument?: yes; piano (not terribly well anymore, though)
10. What song(s) do you always get stuck in your head?: *giggles* ummm...I plead the 5th? nono...You Took The Words Right Out - Meatloaf
11. What song can you just not stand?: anything by Nickelback
12. What group should be banned from the music scene?: gangter rap
14. What group do you listen to that no one else seems to like?: not really a group, but my Lord of the Dance soundtrack
15. What got you hooked on your all-time favorite group?: huh? what song? not sure I even have an all-time fave group
16. When was the last time you bought a cassette?: mid to late 90's?
17. Rock/Pop: both
18. Rap/R&B: R&B
19. Guitar/Piano: piano
20. Video/Audio: both
21. CD/Cassette: cd
22. Sing Along/Listen: Singalong...I will change the station if there isn't a song I can sing to :P
23. Acoustic/Electric: acoustic
24. Do you ever buy CDs for the cover & the curiosity of the design on the CD itself?: nope
26. Do you focus more on the beat or the lyrics?: usually lyrics, but if there isn't a good beat, there's no point
27. Do you listen to music you can relate to or just whatever sounds good?: both
28. Do curses in music bother you?: not really...since I can swear like a sailor :P
29. Do you turn it up when your favorite song comes on?: that's a rhetorical question, right? :P of course I do!
30. Does any song remind you of events you've experienced?: oh yeah...there are some songs so tied to memories that I always remember the event (now if I can learn to just stop boring my husband with all of the stories that go with the songs ;))

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