Bratty, selfish post of my Christmas haul so far

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Ok...time to be a girlie girl and show you all my haul thus far :)

From Laurie:
-gift card to Pottery Barn
-adorable stuffed Piglet
-cute mint green blouse from Gap
-cute brown floral top from Old Navy

From Ari:
-Strawberry Milkshake Philosophy bodywash/shampoo/conditioner
-flower bath salt dispenser

From Erin:
-beautiful Brighton Texas charm bracelet

From Corrin:
-cute Tootsie Pop undies
-sparkly pink sweater clutch from Old Navy

From Juli:
-load of super cute clothes she is passing on to me
-SNL Trivial Pursuit w/ DVD

From Heidi (also includes bday gifts):
-vintage Strawberry Shortcake juice glasses
-Retro Diner cookbook
-Amidala Hallmark ornament
-Boyd's Bear snowbear ornament

If I forgot anything, I am sorry, girls! :) You guys are super sweet...I love all my gifts! :)

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