Stuck In a Rut

I feel like my life is stuck in a rut. I have not been on vacation since February, work is dull and mundane. I am beginning to feel trapped, and I need to escape. It looks like the trip to Laurie's wedding will be my only real escape until next February when we tenatively planned another trip to Vegas. Luckily, I do enjoy being a home-body a lot, but even I have had enough now. I wish I could take off from work more easily and that D and I had a little extra money for a nice long weeekend trip somewhere before the holiday madness starts.

I can't get this scene from Family Guy out of my head (courtesy of http://www.planet-familyguy.com/):

Quagmire: Heh. Well, me and Cleveland are gonna am-scray. Hehhh.
Peter: Wait, wait, wait, you guys can't leave me here alone.
Cleveland: Well, why don't you come with us?
Peter: I can't leave the premises. They're monitoring my every move.
Peter lifts his trouser leg. A small device with a blinking light is strapped
to his ankle. Back at the monitoring station, the guy watches the screen. It shows
what appears to be a game of Pong, but is actually Peter running from wall to wall.

Peter: I gotta get outta here! I gotta get outta here! I gotta get outta here

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