Laurie's wedding and back to reality...

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Wow. Long time no post again :P Sorry, gang!

Dustin and I got back about 1:30 yesterday from Lewisville. The whole weekend was a lot of fun. We got there around lunch time on Friday. Laurie took Elizabeth, Karen, Krista, her Mom, and I to lunch at Gaylord Texan. They had a really nice buffet, although we all decided some of the food was a bit exotic for our tastes. Then we went back to our respective hotels and homes to rest before the rehearsal. The rehearsal started at 6, so Dustin and I headed out about 5 so he could grab a quick bite (he hadn't eaten lunch) and then we stopped in a pet store and Half Price Books to kill some time before the rehearsal. I now remember why I don't like going into Petlands...it depresses me to see kitties and puppies for sale there when there are TONS in shelters that needs homes, too. I think I drove Dustin crazy carrying on about it...I seriously had to walk out of the store. It bothered me a lot. I look at my two babies (esp. Minnie) and know that because someone bought a pet from a store, my Minnie had to spend 2 years in that shelter without a home. :(

The rehearsal went well. Everyone was there pretty much on time, the minister and staff at the chapel were all super nice, and Laurie only cried once. ;) We all then headed over to Dave and Busters for the dinner. We got to spend about an hour playing in the midway before dinner started. The food was yummy, and Laurie and Dave have wonderful family and friends. They are truly blessed. :) PS-Boys, I hope you were all able to watch your Star Wars dvds this weekend ;)

Saturday morning started at 5:45 for me and 5:00am for Laurie and Krista. Our hair appts. started at 7 and I was up first. It took Tiffany an hour to do mine, which I don't think she was planning on...I had a lot of hair for her to curl and pin, but it turned out beautifully. Next up was Lauries, and she looked fabulous. Then Krista had her hair straightend and it looked super pretty, too. Then it was off to the church to get dressed and go into the ceremony. The cermony was sweet and beautiful, and Laurie and Dave wrote beautiful vows for each other. The reception was beautiful and we had a lot of fun...and our first purple potatoes (in a martini glass, no less) ;) The food was good, but the people were a lot of fun. I really hope we have the chance to be around both of their families and friends again :)

Here are the few pictures I got on my camera: click me

We got back yesterday about just crashed out. We did go and get new cell phones and switched over to the family talk nationwide plan. I am really beginning to like my new phone:

This is the LG C1300:
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capable*
Mobile Instant Messaging using AOL® Instant MessengerTM*
FastForward capable*
Wireless Internet Express capable*
Polyphonic speaker and downloadable ringtones, supertones, and full-audio ringtones
Downloadable games and graphics
255 alphanumeric phone book with multiple entries
Personal organizer: Calendar, calculator, alarm clock, and note pad
Operates on 850/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS networks


Anonymous said...

You didn't even comment on how great it was to sit in my lap? I will point out that the bridesmaids did save the day in the cleavage department.

- The Jason

Sarafina said...

*laughs* I am sooo sorry! Of course it was fabulous to sit in your lap...but you didn't mention how fabulous it was for me to save you from the garter toss! *g*

Anonymous said...

Well, it would have been more of a save had the garter actually made it over the balcony ledge. But not everyone can be an expert elastic band shooter like myself... since I pretty much do it professionally.
But yeah, it's all appreciated :)

- The Jason