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It was actually not bad for a Monday...until my lunch hour. I went over to Wal-Mart and got some gas and pulled in to do some quick shopping. I grabbed a Happy Meal on my way out and got in the truck to go. I started it up, but the radio would not come on. I backed up about a foot, and the truck died. So, I am sitting in the middle of the aisle, can't start my truck, or even turn on my emergencies. Soooo...a kind soul helped me push it back into the parking place, and I called Dustin to see what to do. I knew it wasn't the battery because we just replaced that like 2 months ago, so I was afraid it was the alternator. D had me call AAA, and the guy came out and jumped the truck, and he mentioned in passing that one of the connections to the battery was loose, but he didn't think that was the problem. So, as I am heading back to work (which was luckily only like 5 mins away), everytime I would idle, the truck felt like it was going to die. I prayed I wouldn't get caught at a red light, and somehow I didn't. As soon as I rolled into a parking place here at work, I turned the truck off and then tried to start it again...nothing. So, one of the guys I work with came out and the negative connection to the battery looked like it was hanging on by like a thread at this point. It was obviously worse than the guy with AAA had me believe. My friend tightened for me and I think it will hold til I get home, but D just came up here and is going to try to get a new bolt for it and then follow me home.

When I first called Dustin he couldn't understand why I was so upset. Guys just don't understand how helpless we women who don't know anything about cards feel. Not only can we not fix them, it can be dangerous for us to be stranded anywhere...even a Wal Mart parking lot in the middle of the day. I just hate that sinking feeling when a car won't start. Yes, I was over-emotional, but I kinda had a right to be. This just happened to me less than 2 months ago on my way to work when I stopped at Starbucks. I guess I wish he could better understand why it gets to me...

Tonight should be pretty quiet (assuming we get home :P). The rest of the rest of the week Dustin is pretty busy, and then he leave Friday to go see his Dad in Oklahoma. *resists bursting into one of several songs that would fit here :)* So...I am going to be a bachelorette this weekend, but I don't really have any big plans. Mom and I will probably hang out, and maybe Erin and I can hook up sometime? *winkwinknudgenudge in Nay's direction.*

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