blah. blogger is upsetting me. i have the comments feature turned on, but it isn't showing up. it shows up when i view individual posts...but what good does that do? :(

i am so glad it is friday. i am so tired...and i really don't have any reason to be. i have been sleeping well all week, but i feel like i have been up partying every night!

heidi came up last nite and we had a great time! i hate that we live farther apart now...i forgot how much fun we have together. i told her when dustin is out of town at the end of the month that i will go and stay with her :)

i am looking forward to a quiet weekend. dustin will be gone during the day tomorrow, so maybe i'll clean. i really don't want to do anything...except watch six feet under season 2 (which arrived yesterday) ^^

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