mood: not bad for monday
listening to: heaven is a place on earth
breakfast: apple bagel w/ cream cheese
drinking: diet dr. pepper
lunch plans: grocery shopping (non-refrigerated items) :P

the weekend was nice and quiet. spent most of saturday with mom. thank you to ms. victoria (as in secret) for her fabulous sale. i needed new undies BADLY :) i may have to go one more time to get a few more pairs.

sunday morning was lazy time, but i did do some laundry. we went to kelly and derrick's for father's day lunch which was nice. the rest of the day flew by. i didn't get to go to the store or get the house clean. at least the laundry is done. :P

this morning at work has been a typical monday. the only good things are juli being back and the ketchup chips vibha brought me from canada. :)

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