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Ok...now for my real post :)

Friday: I almost was not able to take off, but thanks to my coworker, Gina, I was. :) (Thanks, Gina!) I did spend all day shopping, cleaning, preparing. I got a lot more done than I thought I would. Dustin was great and helped a lot more than I probably should have asked him to.

Saturday: Got up around 8 (after being up late), and made the sandwiches for the party. Turns out I had not gotten enough bread, so I made a dash down to the Stop N' Rob to get some. I was standing behind this guy and it looked like he was done checking out, so I laid the bread on the counter, and he kinda looked at me funny and said, "Well, I guess I can wait til the bread train is out of the way." He said it jokingly, but I felt bad. *sheepish grin* Went home and finished that and then filled up the tray with cheese and olives and pickles. Then showered and was heading to get my hair cut. Truck was running really rough. Decided it would be bad to get stuck in G'town or somewhere in between. Went home and postponed appointment til this week. :p It did give me more time to get ready for the party, and I was able to relax a little beforehand. The party went well. I hope Lauries enjoyed it. :) Erin and Austin ended up staying after the party and hanging with us because Ari and Jeff had something come up so they couldn't come over as planned. It was cute to watch Austin and Dustin together...Austin is a huge fan of Uncle Dustin. :)

Sunday: Was a bum as planned...all the way down to my Quantum Leap marathon :) I had a little cleaning up left from Saturday, but not much. It was so nice to have quiet time. I was still feeling bad from last week, so I was wanting to rest so I didn't get sick.

Monday: Woke up feeling worse than Sunday. :( Called in sick, even though they frown upon us calling in on Mondays and Fridays. Finished the Quantum Leap marathon. Dustin made yummy fish for dinner...he is getting really good with his fish recipes. :)

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