Middle name: Krisstene
State of sexuality: Ummmm...what does that mean? am I getting any? YES :)
Most hated bodily functions: passing gas :P
What are you guilty of: being selfish
What are you proud of: my parents
Movie that scared you the most when you were a kid: Poltergeist
Something about adulthood that mystifies you?: I still don't feel like I am old enough to be married and own a home
Natural disaster you fear most: tornado
Natural disaster you want to experience: I actually would like to be a tornado chaser :P go fig
Would you be the bride/groom in a shotgun wedding: errr....no.

Current Job: state drone, I mean employee
Future job: museum curator
Righty, Lefty or Ambidextrous: righty
Do you wear contacts or glasses: glasses
Religion: Christianity - Lutheran
Pets: Minuet and Padme
Smoker/Nonsmoker: NONsmoker
Car you drive: 1995 GMC Sierra Step Side :-D

~ * ~ HAVE YOU EVER ~ * ~

Broken the law: drank before I was 21 :P oh...and probably broke a few speed limits ;)
Had stitches: no
Broken a bone: no
Played strip poker: no
Mooned someone in public: no
Been on a blind date: yes...it lasted 10 hours and led to an 8 month relationship :)
Been drunk: ummm...hehehe...YES
Been stoned: nope


Your good luck charm: don't have one
Worst song you've ever heard: anything by Eminem :P
Worst fear: something happening to my Dad's health to put him back in the hospital
On the walls of your bedroom: a few floral prints from Target and one small mirror
Under your bed: dust bunnies

ARE YOU.....

A good singer: I don't think I am great, but I have been in some sort of choir just about all my life
A good dancer: I think I am an average dancer...I do love to dance though :)
Going to get married: already am!
Going to have children: I hope so...

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