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blah. so...my rant for the day:

I got an ATM/debit card from my bank a couple of months ago. The bank rep that set it up for me made it seem like that once my account was empty, my card would be rejected, right? Nope. I went to my statement today in preparation for depositing my paycheck, only to see they allowed, lets say, SEVERAL debit card transactions go through even though my account was empty! And guess what...everytime it happened...BAM! $35 charge! I was like WTF???

So, I called their 800 number, and the lady was a total biznatch! She was like "Ma'am, it is in your disclosure that when you use it as a credit card, Visa only looks for an open account, not if there is money there." Well to me, that makes no sense. If it were a regular Visa card, and I hit my limit, it would reject the f***ing card! So, I said "Well, 2 of these transactions were actual debits where I entered my PIN...why are there charges on those?" "Well, ma'am...not all merchants check for funds in the account...they just check for an open account." She REFUSED to reverse any of the charge...

So...Saturday I am going to my local branch, chewing on the rep who set me up with the card, and asking for a cashiers check for what little is left in the account, and moving the money to wells fargo with our other accounts.

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