mood: better than this morning
music: (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew
eating: ham deli sandwhich from Subway
WW Points so far today: 11

Well...poor little blog. I neglect you. I really shouldnt do that. tsk tsk.

Hope someone out there still reads my blog. I know Jason looks in on it, but other than, dunno.

Yay! Meatloaf on the cd now... *g* *sings quietly to self* *is glad not many ppl are here for lunch today*

Random chat log snippet:
Me: I *heart* Mr. MeatLoaf
__ : I bet
__ : Because he reminds you of me? Probably
Me: probably :-) I love the snuggly sweet ones ;-)
__ : lol
__ : If only all women were so wise as you

Ummm...ok...so I should get back to work now...

*strolls out singing* You took the words right out of my mouth...

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