Wow. This weekend was long and tiring...but great stuff. The spa package Juli got me ROCKED and I am totally addicted. ^^ I so want to get a full body massage every week now...she spent 45 mins on me! Yeah...Megs was feeeeeeeling gooooooood. :)

The bachelorette party was faboo, but I cannot divulge details...we took an oath that it all stayed between us...for obvious reasons ;) I can tell you that I am WAY too old to stay out that late anymore...lol. *tosses lollipop at Laurie* ^^

In other news, I am really dissappointed that I can't seem to find any business from Sarafina1977 Designs. I thought Kandy's friend was going to ask me to design her site, but I have not heard from her. Oh well...I am going to try to be patient...even though it is totally against my nature. : \

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